You may choose to celebrate your commitment to each other with a handfasting ceremony, or to include a handfasting ritual as part of  your marriage or commitment ceremony.

The word "handfasting" has its roots in Old Norse hand festa, which means to strike a contractual agreement by clasping hands.

The central ritual of a handfasting is the binding together of the hands of the couple as a symbol and pledge of their commitment to each other and a visual demonstration that they are from then on bound together as a couple.

You can use one ribbon or cord, or many, create your own handfasting cord by weaving together many lengths of fabric, cord and ribbon, choose colours that are meaningful to you, or reflect the colour scheme you have chosen. The ritual is a wonderful way to involve others in your ceremony.

An ancient Celtic custom, handfasting gained renewed popularity last century and while the revived rite is seen as the preferred marriage ceremony of pagan couples, the ritual has become part of mainstream wedding and commitment ceremonies too.

Because handfasting is a reinvented, rather than rediscovered ritual, there is no one "authorised" way to do it. I will work with you to develop and create both a ceremony, and a handfasting ritual within it, that is uniquely yours, and that involves as few or as many people you wish to include.

I love creating and incorporating a handfasting in a marriage or commitment ceremony. (So much so that for couples wanting a very simple legals only ceremony I offer a Married in a Minute - with Handfasting option - ask me about it).