Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony makes public your love for each other and gives you an opportunity to express your commitment to your relationship in the presence of family and friends without creating a legal relationship between you. So, while a commitment ceremony is, to all intents and purposes, a non-legal wedding, it fulfills all the emotional purposes of a legal wedding - it affirms your love and your commitment to one another, acknowledges the uniqueness and commitment of your relationship and shares your joy in it with those close to you.

The only legal requirement for your commitment ceremony is that no-one present should be mistaken as to the nature of the ceremony or under the illusion that it is a legal marriage

Regardless of whether the ceremony creates a legal marriage or not, you are making a sincere and serious pledge of lifelong commitment to one another in the presence of friends and loved ones. Your commitment ceremony deserves the equal dedication and respect from your celebrant. So I don't perform perfunctory ceremonies, or lump commitment ceremonies in with namings or other non-legal ceremonies. Nor do I reflect a lesser input of time and skill by charging a very much lower price than for a legal wedding.

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Apart from the legal requirements for a ceremony that creates a legal marriage, you are planning a wedding. In the interest of marriage equality, some of the links below will take you to my general website
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