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Commitment Ceremonies
A commitment ceremony makes public your love for each other and gives you an opportunity to express your commitment to your relationship in the presence of family and friends.
Ceremonies in special circumstances
Where one partner or a close family member is in hospital or ill your commitment ceremony can be conducted  at the bedside and at short notice.
Combo Commitment Ceremonies
A combo commitment ceremony is a ceremony that
  • incorporates another type of ceremony, or
  • includes more than one couple (double or triple ceremony), or
  • follows close on or is closely followed by a second but related ceremony
A combo ceremony is not a "cheap option" in relation to the ceremony itself, although it can deliver a considerable financial saving in the celebration party or reception that follows because you are having one not two separate occasions. Developing and officiating at a combo wedding requires an enormous amount of work to develop what is essentially two different ceremonies and incorporate them as one seamless and meaningful event with the appropriate balance between the two ceremonies.

Incorporating another type of ceremony
This is not just a matter of tacking a second ceremony on to the end of the first one.  Many things need to be considered to make the combo ceremony work on both the emotional and the practical level.

The participants in both ceremonies should have a close affiliation with each other, so the more common combo ceremonies are:
  •  a commitment ceremony that includes the naming of your child
  •  a commitment that includes a renewal of vows of close family members
Including more than one couple
A double or triple commitment ceremony  is essentially a single ceremony in which two or more couples separately unite their lives. This requires two separate sets of certificates, and consultation with the couples individually.  It may incorporate two separate processionals and recessionals, or a combined one. Whichever choices the couples make will require complex choreography, careful timing, and attention to detail to ensure that the ceremony flows smoothly and maintains interest for the guests.

Related Ceremonies following closely

Where you want to keep your commitment separate from a related ceremony, such as a naming, an option is to have the ceremonies at the same venue but separated from each other by time and perhaps a meal - for example for ceremonies held in your back yard  the commitment in the morning, lunch and then the naming ceremony.

Or there may be a good reason for having a combo ceremony that moves from one place to another, for example where a loved parent or grandparent is in hospital having a small commitment ceremony in the hospital ward or chapel, followed by a reaffirmation of vows at your reception or other venue so you can celebrate with family and friends.

It was the happiest day of our lives! The ceremony could not have been more perfect. It brought people to tears.You are incredibly well organised. We appreciated all of your help.- Sarah and Susan who held their commitment ceremony at Newstead Park

Thank you for making our special day so perfect! - Nina and Dee who united their lives in a very private and intimate 'Just We Two' commitment ceremony
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