You may choose to celebrate your commitment to each other with a handfasting ceremony, or to include a handfasting ritual as part of  your commitment ceremony.

The word "handfasting" has its roots in Old Norse hand festa to strike a contractual agreement by clasping hands. 

The central ritual of a handfasting is the binding together of the hands of the couple as a symbol and pledge of their commitment to each other and a visual demonstration that they are from then on bound together as a couple.

You can use one ribbon or cord, or many, create your own handfasting cord by weaving together many lengths of fabric, cord and ribbchoose colours that are meaningful to you or reflect the colour scheme you have chosen, and the ritual is a wonderful way to involve others in your ceremony.

An ancient  Celtic custom, handfasting gained renewed popularity last century and while  the revived rite is seen as the preferred marriage ceremony of pagan couples the ritual has become part of mainstream wedding and commitment ceremonies too.

For a same sex couple, unhindered by the legal requirements of a marriage ceremony, the ceremony can be whatever you wish. I will work with you to develop and create a ceremony that is uniquely yours.

Andrew and Fahad share a
                            light-hearted moment during their
Jenny, your care and attention to our needs, as well as your evident experience and knowledge, allowed us to express  how we feel about each other and acknowledge this stage of our relationship in front of people close to us. Your were personable and professional in all resepects. Your assistance with developing the ceremony was timely and ambitious and we had faith in your expertise from the very beginning. your conception and performance on the day, along with the photographer (whom you recommended), have given us precious and joyful memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives - Andrew and Fahad who had only 10 days to arrange their ceremony before they headed overseas. Lots of rabbits were pulled out of hats in the process!

Handfasting - tying the knots

It [the ceremony] made us both feel  very special, everything we asked was put in and even improved. Everyone who attended said it was a great ceremony, very touching and it wasn't traditional which made it much more interesting. - Brendon and Michael
with one of the several friends who participated in the handfasting that was a feature of their July 2009 garden commitment ceremony