Frequently asked questions

What are your qualifications?
The study I undertook in celebrancy extended over a number of years - not just a weekend course.  I  hold a number of celebrancy qualifications from the International College of Celebrancy
  • Advanced Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy (High Distinction)
  • Certificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy
  • Advanced Diploma of General Celebrancy (High Distinction)
  • Advanced Diploma of Funeral Celebrancy (High Distinction)
Pre-dating my celebrancy qualifications I hold  tertiary qualifications in English Literature, Psychology, Library and Information Science, Education, and Management

I am a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants, a professional association which requires assessment of skills and qualifications as a celebrant as a condition of admission to membership.

I am also accredited by ABIA, the Australian  Bridal Industry Academy, and have been a finalist in the ABIA awards consistently since 2009.

Q: How do you dress when officiating at a ceremony
A:    You will want your ceremony to be picture perfect, without jarring clashing of colour and style. I therefore typically wear an understated black outfit and minimal jewellery for commitment and renewal of vows ceremonies in order not to stand out in the photographs or compete with the bridal party.I definitely won't wear tarty clothing,  wear fanciful headgear, jewellery that jingles, nor do I flash long, brightly coloured fingernails.

If your ceremony colour scheme or  cultural traditions do not include black, please don't hesitate to tell me, and I will wear another deep understated colour, such as navy or dark grey.

For naming ceremonies I add colour to the black, or wear navy or purple.

If you request me to wear special clothing (eg mediaeval robes) I will accommodate you if at all possible as long as what you are requesting does not compromise the dignity of the occasion and if you reimburse me for any costs.

PLEASE DO NOT order a CORSAGE for the Celebrant.

Q: Can you 'pencil me in' or 'hold the date'?
A: Until you have paid the non-refundable deposit and completed and given me the booking confirmation form I cannot guarantee to save the date for you. To do so would be unfair to a couple who is ready to book, and I would feel bad if I was part of a mis-understanding that could have been avoided with an actual booking.

Q: What happens at the rehearsal for our commitment?
A: There is a good reason for the old saying practice makes perfect. And this is never truer than when you are having a ceremony that includes a number of people.

At the rehearsal everyone involved (couple, parents, attendants, readers and anyone else involved in the ceremony) practices all the transitions in the ceremony. Transitions are when someone moves from one spot to another, hands something to someone, or turns. There can be 23 or more of these during the average commitment ceremony, and you want to make sure that every one of these flows seamlessly into the next and that they are all done in such a way as to facilitate great photos.
Different venues require different soloutions, and so do different sizes and configurations of wedding parties. It is not enough to know in theory who will enter in what order and where they will stand when they get to the front.  The whole wedding party needs to be arranged for best visual effect and also in a way that facilitates the smooth transition from one part of the ceremony to the next.

At the rehearsal (which will take about an hour) we will practice where everyone will stand, how the ceremony will flow, the processional and the recessional. We will also rehearse the readers, practice exchanging the rings, the kiss (more than once!), the signing, and any rituals.

Some venues strictly limit the time allowed for rehearsals (in some cases this can be 20-30 minutes) so it is important that we come to the rehearsal with all the decisions already made.

It is also important to have the rehearsal as close to the big day as possible, and, for outdoor Ceremonies, as close to the same time of day as possible so the reality of light and shade is understood by everyone.

Q: Do you stay for the reception or party afterwards?
A:    Thank you for asking - but no, an invitation is not expected and it would be highly unlikely that I would be able to accept. Although I limit the number of ceremonies I perform in a day so I won't have another ceremony booked close to yours, I may have another ceremony after yours or an arrangement to meet with clients,  and  I often accommodate the needs of bridal parties by scheduling rehearsals after I have performed the last ceremony of the day.