Child Inclusive Ceremonies
For the many same-sex couples who bring children from a previous relationship into the relationship, ensuring that your commitment ceremony is child-inclusive adds extra warmth and meaning to it, strengthening the relationship between both members of the couple and the child, honouring the child, and above all, publicly reflecting emotional bonds with the child.

A child-inclusive commitment ceremony goes beyond dressing the child up and having him or her walk down the aisle in a traditional wedding party role.

How you include your children, or other children significant in your lives, will depend on the age and personality of the children, other ceremony choices you make, and their relationship to you.

Where one or both of you brings a child into the relationship you are creating a new family structure. The child may have mixed feelings about that, and so the role they play in the ceremony should be carefully considered , so that the child does not feel he or she is expected to give up his or her individuality or in any way downplay or compromise his or her relationship with the other parent.

I work carefully and mindfully with you to ensure that children you wish to include in the ceremony are included to the extent to which they feel comfortable and are enriched by the ceremony rather than diminished by it. For example, some rituals give something to the child, others might make a young child feel that something has been taken away.

A child-inclusive commitment ceremony can include a formal naming for the child or children. See Combo Ceremonies for more information about having a combined Commitment and Naming Ceremony.

Sarah and Susan walk down the aisle between their 18 nieces and nephews Jennifer Cram Pride Ceremonies

Our commitment ceremony was even more magical than we could have imagined. Your input and suggestions regarding our ceremony made for a perfect day. Everyone was very impressed and moved by our ceremony.
Sarah and Susan who  included  their 18 nieces and nephews in their ceremony at Newstead Park