Baby Names

While a naming ceremony is a socially and emotionally significant way to welcome your child into your family and your community, it has no legal standing, so you will also need to
  • Ensure that your child's birth is registered as required by law
  • Record your wishes regarding appointment of a legal guardian for the child in the event of your death. This is normally done in your will or other legal document drawn up by your solicitor.
What you choose to for your child's first name or names, and for your child's surname is entirely up to you.

However, the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages can refuse to register any name considered to be obscene, contrary to public interest, overly long or prohibited. Call your child by a name that includes or resembles and official title or honorific is not allowed, so no child can be named Prince, Princess, Lady, Mister, etc.

LIkewise, names that are overly long, that include symbols, or that consist of phrases or sentences will be rejected.